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What's your flavor: Tex-Mex or Mex-Mex? You can find both done right in Houston. You can taste the difference: Tex-Mex adds a touch of bolder Morroccan spices like cumin and garlic, as well as USA staples like beef, wheat and yellow cheeses, to traditional Mexican dishes. Well, usually. There are also some uniquely Tex-Mex additions; don't count on finding chili con carne, nachos or fajitas South of the Border.

Another food style that's big in Texas: BBQ. The state's proud ranching tradition has produced not only premium beef, but also refined grill skills. And Houston is where you find the most masterfully smoked sausages and barbecued brisket, charred over the city's signature mesquite woods to deepen its flavor.

Of course, there's plenty more to choose from in this taste-trendy town. Houston eats out more often than any other city (at the second best price point, according to USA Today) because they've cultivated an unparalleled restaurant scene.

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Delivery & Take Out Trends

Houston folks are true to their tastes. When they order in for the workday, they go right for their own famous flavors, Tex-Mex and BBQ. And they dish it out buffet-style, because, hey, when you've got a great thing grilling, pile up your plate!

It's popular with businesses (and coworkers) to treat the office to all the sizzling tastes of Tex-Mex with a full spread of the staples from Escalante's, or deliver a full, made-to-order taco, tamale or quesadilla bar to suit everyone's tastes. For mouth-watering barbecue, you can mix and match tenderly slow-smoked meats from Otto's BBQ and Hamburgers, or take it old-fashioned from Old Hickory Inn.

Can't decide? Demeris is the compromise, delivering on both Southwest-style BBQ and mesquite-smoked Tex-Mex.

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