Your Guide to Vegetarian Cuisine in Every Market

How creative can vegetarian cuisine be?

Quite! But you wouldn’t know it from most generic group orders, which defer to a few staple foods. Most of those are carb-heavy and lacking proteins— technically vegetarian-friendly, but not exactly healthy.

Delight the vegetarian on your team with crafty, delicious and healthy options. Here are just a few suggestions:



The Land of Kush

With a philosophy that caters to everyone’s unique food needs, Zia’s has plenty of options for any diet, all bold and flavorful. Vegetarians can chow down on sizzling black bean empanadas, 20-spice falafel Moroccan salad, béchamel spaghetti squash, coconut curry veggies and more.

The Land of Kush crafts ‘chickun’ delicacies and lentil burgers that stand up to any meat dish. Everyone will enjoy the succulent vegan BBQ ribs, vegan ‘drummies’ for wings, and roasted eggplant parmesan.

Give your vegetarian coworkers a double pick-me-up with an order of coffee (with all the fixin’s) from Cafe Jovial, and a curried fava bean spread sandwich with veggies and provolone.


Named the “Best Caterer” in DC, Main Ingredient knows how to craft creative options for any diet or occasion, with influence from across the globe— French ratatouille, Greek salad, Hungarian mushroom soup. Send your taste buds on a trip through international vegetarian tastes.

Chix might be known for chicken, but they serve up plenty of veg-friendly Latin cuisine, too. Their thick wraps include black bean hummus with roasted salsa, as well as a vegetarian deluxe meal with creamy avocado dressing. And you can get some organic chickpea salad to share!


For some veggie food with a Southwestern and Mexican flair, try Plaza
Azteca. They’re known for their chiles rellenos, but their spinach enchiladas and house enchiladas are just as mouthwatering. And of course, there’s the bean dip, chips and cheese to start with!
You can also find plenty of creative vegetarian dishes at the Bellair
Market, from sandwiches topped with gourmet cheeses and fresh produce to salads and catering buffets. You can even add on several sides, like cous cous salad, cornbread, and several types of chips, or a veggie tray to share.



Ipanema Cafe

Do you know what a jackfruit is? Ipanema Cafe does, and they also know how to cook it just right. They use the fruit as a BBQ pulled pork substitute in one of their creative sandwiches. They also pair tofu, vegan chorizo, beans and other key proteins in their sandwiches and salads with a wide variety of bold fruit and vegetable blends. There are even rice and pasta options rounding out the menu.
In addition to a selection of sandwiches and salads, Box Lunch Bistro serves up hot buffets that vegetarians can indulge in, like the cheese quesadilla buffet or baked potato bar. And you can start off with tomato mozzarella skewers, fruit skewers with mint drizzle, wrapped asparagus, truffle mushroom strudel and more.


A blend of forward flavors help shape the delicious veggie tastes at Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe. From roasted red pepper and basil pizza to balsamic pesto paninis, the supercharged character of these creative dishes offers something uniquely delicious.

Qin Dynasty also has a whole vegetarian section on their menu. Select your choice of sauce for fried tofu, or enjoy the kicky spice of the Szechuan bean curds. The Buddha’s eggplant and asparagus mushroom are two of the tofu-free options, with blends of vegetables and tangy sauces to create intense flavor.

What’s your favorite vegetarian dish on Foodify?