Let Everyone Pick with Foodify: Custom Menus & Email Order Gathering

Did you know you can let people choose their own meals with Foodify?

With some simple set-up, you can email menus to everyone in your group and let them select their own meal. The emails will automatically add each selection to your order in Foodify, so you don’t have to round up¬†everyone’s preferences!

Here’s how:

1. Create an attendee list with Groups
On the dashboard, hover over “My Account” and select “Manage Groups.” Select “New Group,” and you’ll be taken to a page where you can enter the emails and names of each person attending your event. There is an “Add Group Member” button you can use to add guests to the list. Once the information is entered, click “Add New Group” at the bottom to save the list.

Be sure to name your list something descriptive. You can add several lists, and reuse them again.

2. Enable Group Ordering
Begin your order as normal. Once you choose a restaurant, your order information will be displayed to the right of the menu. This is your control panel for the order, and it’s where you will manage everything until the selections are made.

Group Ordering

Enable Group Ordering and Add Attendees

Where it says “Group Order?” select the “Edit” button to the side and change it to say “Yes.” This will expand your group ordering options.

To add your group to the order, simply select the edit button beside “Group Selection” and choose the group name.

Once you have attendees added, you’ll see that the list of each name comes up in the order control panel.

You can also add additional members to the order with the “Add Attendees” button. You can “Remove” members from the list by scrolling to the right of their name on the list. These changes will not be saved to your named group, only to the specific order.

3. Send!
Make sure everyone is accounted for, and hit “Distribute Menu To Group.”

Every member will get an invitation with a link to their order options. When anyone selects a meal, you will see it in the order control panel.

4. Oversee the Order Options
In the attendee list in the order control panel, you can scroll to the right to see their “Status,” which indicates whether or not they’ve selected their order.

You may get a couple of stragglers, but you can remind them with a quick click: if you keep scrolling to the right of the names list, you’ll see a “Remind” option. Just select this for every “Incomplete” guest. Just click “Remove” to remove a guest at any time if they cannot attend the event.

5. Place the Order
Once you’ve checked to make sure all guests are ‘Complete’, simply hit “Checkout.” Then follow the same simple checkout process!

TIP: Save Money with A Custom Menu
Here’s an extra budget-saving trick you can use: limit what items on the menu people can order.

If you edit the group ordering option “Menu Type,” and change it to “Custom Menu,” you will be able to choose select items for your guests to order from. ¬†Just make sure you click “Save” after customizing your menu.

Have you used group ordering?