Make Graduation Catering Cheap & Easy with Foodify

The semester is winding down and your university is sending out a new batch of
students into the world!

This is a time to celebrate graduation, not to worry with party details. Let Foodify bring the festivities right to you.

Foodify can deliver a full meal or an assortment of appetizers— and cake, of course— from your favorite local restaurants to you and your grads.

Plenty of grads will be moving on, so why not give them a last taste of the local flavor they’ll cherish long after they chase their dreams to a new home? Or stick with an uncontested favorite.

The best part about Foodify graduation catering is the ability to mix-and-match meals from multiple restaurants. All of your orders will arrive on time, ready for everyone to dig in.

And they’ll want to dig in after that long ceremony!

So don’t worry. We’ve got the food completely covered, so the biggest part of this party is already out of the way. The sweet slideshow of everyone’s best moments in the classroom, though, you have to take care of on your own.