Don’t Forget These Essential Items for Your Team’s Meal

Wait! Before you hit “Submit Order,” are you sure you have all you need?

You know napkins are in the bag, but what else do you need to make this meal convenient?

Check your break room to be sure you’re stocked up, and if not, just add it onto your order.
Here are the ‘musts':

  • Drinks! So vital, and yet so often overlooked! Get something for the soda crowd, and an alternative for those cutting down on carbonation. Don’t forget some pure, refreshing water (or cups for tap). Coffee isn’t necessary, but always appreciated. If it’s a Southern restaurant, don’t pass up the sweet tea!
  • Silverware. Forget the flimsy sporks. Make sure forks, spoons, and knives are readily available.
  • Plates. Some meals are boxed for easy eating, but any shared dishes mean plates are a must.


And here are some ‘mights’ you may have missed:

  • Serveware. Restaurants with buffet-style meals can bring in heating dishes to keep food warm, utensils to help with serving, and other small conveniences you may have forgotten. It helps to visualize going down the buffet line and noting what you’d need for each item. You can even special order tables and linens.
  • Sauces. From the basics like ketchup to restaurants’ signature sauces, your condiment needs may vary.
  • Veggie or other special diet dishes.┬áDid you remember to get something for your variety of eaters?
  • Help! Some food partners can send someone to help set up or serve, with an extra cost per hour.
  • Ice, and buckets or containers. If you’ll have drinks or cold buffet items out for a while, keep them tasting fresh.


And we also suggest dessert. Who doesn’t love to end on a sweet note?